Our good friends over at Mon Petit Charme have been slowly working away on their business and we're trying to help them out a bit.  Plus fab frocks always go well with great accessorises!

A word from the founders Monica, Eddie & Ed;

Mon Petit Charme means “my little charm” – and charms are what we’re passionate about.

We want to bring beautiful, affordable jewellery to you and those you love, and hearing from you about how we can improve your experience.

We’re based in Sydney, Australia – and we look abroad to make finding the right gifts easier for you.

How we make it easier for you:

We know that finding the right piece can be costly, as traditional retailers charge you extra for the upkeep and prestige of their brick-and-mortar stores.

It is also a stress shopping online, trying to figure out who to trust to deliver you what you want and when you expect it.

That is where we make a difference, we will:

  • Not splurge on high-end physical stores, so you can access affordable, luxurious pieces
  • Screen all our suppliers so you can trust you are getting the right gift in a reasonable time
  • Carefully track the current and upcoming trends and bring them together saving you the hassle, and
  • Deliver from online to your doorstep, saving you time tracking down the right gift. 

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11 September 2021

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