What is a Pre Order and a Pre Sale Item?

At Number 9 Fashion we have three types of products on offer:

  1. In Stock
  2. Pre Sale
  3. Pre Order

An In Stock item is in our hands at our little warehouse and ready to dispatch at the next shipping day after an order.  

A Pre Sale item has already finished production and is on it's way to us. Pre Sale items tend to always be new designs and there is a discount price available until they arrive and become In Stock. Fab Points and Discount Codes are not eligible to use with Pre Sale Items.

A Pre Order item is one that has not started production yet. They are always existing products that have sold out from an earlier production run.

We are offering Pre Order for a couple of reasons.  The first one is that we can better match the spread of sizes made to demand. And the second being to avoid a problem we've had in the past where a sold out item was heavily requested to be "brought back", only to be met with little to no orders when we did. There is also a discount price available on these items until the pre order window closes. Fab Points and Discount Codes are not eligible to use with Pre Order Items.

In the event that minimum demand is not met for a Pre Order, then existing orders will be cancelled and full refunds given. As always any item purchased from Number 9 Fashion comes with our Hassle Free Returns Policy.  And all orders earn Fab Points.  :-)