We are a super tiny business (just the 4 of us) and we are not able to just order stock from other suppliers as demand dictates. We design and make all our own stuff!  Which involves a lot of upfront capital.

We know that pickings for sale right now are slim, though if there is nothing that catches your fancy now or you are unable to purchase, you can always browse our back catalogue and register your interest in any items there too. Registering will aid us in deciding which items we will make new production runs of as well.

Besides window shopping can be just as much fun right!  😊

Like all retail businesses, online or physical, we too were affected heavily by COVID19. So any support that you can offer is greatly appreciated!

All purchases come with Fab Points, Obsessive Customer Support and a sense of Fabulousness when you slide into a Number 9 outfit! Please do tell your friends and family as well if you think they'd love what we are trying to do here.

Thank you from Jenny and Ly.  ❤️