Nothing brightens up our mood more than a lovely hot summer day. The lockdown is ending and spring and summer are on the way.

It is time to dust away those dreary moods and get ready for some fun in the sun. Pack away those chunky sweaters and lighten up your wardrobe with easy-to-wear classics that will make you feel like a million dollars.

We are loving prints and colours this season and we have some fab vintage styles for you that will look stunning for your 9-to-5 and your after hours get-out-of-lockdown events.

Step into spring in green and teal

Green is a colour that symbolises new beginnings, growth and life. So, it is easy to associate green with the spring season, renewal and rebirth, when all those hidden plants under the icy ground suddenly start bursting into life.

Take a walk around the neighbourhood and enjoy the new buds and fresh green leaves that are appearing on the trees in gardens.



Green is also associated with getting started and getting things done. Remember the saying ‘Getting the Green Light’? It means that you can now start and get going. Don’t wait for someone to push you. Make your to-do list and start ticking off those items one by one. It will give you an amazing feeling of achievement and power.

Green is a stunning colour to add to your wardrobe and is THE fashion statement for summer 2021.

What about teal?

For those who love to be a little on-the-edge, step away from green and into teal. This sensational deep blue-green colour speaks of the evening sky, the deep sea and exotic gems. For those gals who love trivia, the name comes from the coloured area around the eye of the Teal bird and was used in ancient Egyptian images to symbolise truth and faith. 

Teal combines the tranquillity of royal blue with the optimism of green nature. It symbolises calmness, control and understated elegance. It is a colour that attracts people who are thoughtful and independent.

Head to the boardroom meeting in green

Make an impression and get those deals sorted when you wear this fun Glasses & Pencil V Neck Button Front dress. It is ultra-cool and sure to get those stuffy board directors to pay attention to your proposals and show that you are the Boss. 


Team it up with a classic two-button blazer and pumps for your professional look. Don’t forget those oversized teacher-glasses that allow you to peer down the boardroom table with attitude.

Catch the breeze on the boardwalk

The perfect go-to outfit for your summer days. We promised you green and we have delivered with this glorious Green Sweetheart Acorn & Leaves rockabilly dress. This design will put a spring in your step and a smile on your face.


Become one with nature when you show off plump acorns and fun off-white leaves on an exquisite green backdrop.

The A-line cut is flattering for ladies of all sizes from petite to plus size. Team it up with a huge floppy white sun hat and matching white tote for a stroll along the boardwalk.

Get out of the house!

Ladies – the lockdown is almost over. We have all become very house-bound and many of us probably have reservations about rushing out. Take things slow when you step out.



Head to your favourite nature spot and do some meditating. Stroll around the stores and window shop. Meet a friend for a cup of long-awaited latte and a chat. Long days, warm weather and life after the pandemic awaits! 

11 November 2021

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